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ATN International is a global holding company with investments in communications and renewable energy companies. ATN International uses a third party middleware called SANDVINE for their GTT communication Network system which is all around the world. GTT communication offers wide range of products and promotes their networks using various special offers to their customers. ‘SANDVINE’ the third party middleware which connects to the GTT server and the customers using the python module. Sandvine Python module is used as a boilerplate function which has several web service APIs to connect between the customer request and the GTT server response through the sockets. The request and response are connected via the sockets, the sockets are created using the assigned port for the type of services requested, listens to the request and these are monitored and logged using Sandvine python module which manages the queue of the requests received. These request queues are managed and responses are sent to the customers with no hassles.