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Demeter application is Profile scrapping project that can be characterized by the following 3 functional components:
1. Saved Search Capture. Using, a user will manually create a series of saved searches that identify and enumerate the profiles of people of Interest PoI). This component of Project Demeter will capture the saved search information as necessary to support the downstream process of scraping the relevant information from each of the PoI. The application being developed shall be data-driven and, as such, utilize a back-end database (MySQL) to record all the information captured.
2. Profile Scrape. This component will be totally automated and require no user interaction once launched. The profile scraping component will identify saved searches that have yet to have been scraped and will programmatically use each saved search to capture all of the profiles and relevant information associated with each saved search. The process will continue moving from saved search to saved search until all of the unseen/unscraped saved searches have been exhausted. In terms of the profile's information to be captured, it will at a minimum consist of, but not be limited to, the following information: first name, middle name, last name, job title, company name, email address, telephone number, and full street address. Other information available within the profile that could be deemed useful (e.g. industry vertical) should be captured as well.
3. Output. This component should support 2 methods for accessing/utilizing the scraped profile information. The first method should be to utilize Silverpop APIs to either insert new Contact Records into the Silverpop database, or to update existing Contact Records with the newly-scraped information.