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Our Models

AIT has both holistic and integrated approaches when it comes to working with clients and delivering their projects. We analyze your requirements and plan the necessary steps. Our extensive IT expertise enables us to quickly identify the technical parameters and evaluate your needs and opportunities. We consider your success as our goal.

Fixed Price Model

This model is suited for projects where the requirements and deliverables are clearly identified. This model lets the client get a clear visibility into the milestones and deliverables. This model reduces the risk from the customer point of view drastically. You can benefit from the years of rich experience we have accumulated working with the requirements of large enterprises in the US.

Time and Material

Time and material model is usually adopted by customers for long term projects where the total effort cannot be estimated at the beginning of the project. In certain projects where extensive research has to be done by the architect and the developers team to ascertain the feasibility of a technical approach Time and Material model can be used effectively. This model provides customers the flexibility to manage team size and cost. Our rates are competitive and cost efficient. Our resources are well trained and certified in their respective technical areas.


AIT also offers its clients to increase the developers bandwidth by providing virtual teams. These teams are managed by AIT project managers and they work in conjunction with the development team or architects or technical leads from the clients. This model virtually slashes the cost of managing a team onsite. Many customers prefer this model where they maintain the developers offshore and the Technical Lead onsite. AIT can also provide an onsite technical resource who can bridge the client team onsite and the virtual team at the AIT premises.

Hybrid Model

We help you make strategic decisions to reap increased value over time. adeptpros provides an effective hybrid model that blends the proprietary infrastructure with new services and systems. We have partnered with a large number of specialized and versatile vendors to provide other application functionality for enterprises that are otherwise critical for in-house. With this model, you have the opportunity to maintain faster, more secure, flexible and scalable infrastructure at minimum cost.