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Enterprise Mobility

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Our team has helped many companies and individuals to improve their productivity, profitability and customer loyalty. For several projects we have been assisting our clients from strategy to execution. We render all services and solutions for enterprise mobility. Our advanced enterprise mobility solutions have helped clients transform their businesses in a company that exceeds expectations. We build and deploy mobile apps that keep your workforce and customers connected and engaged.

System Integration

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In a rapidly shifting business environment, we are demanded to quickly integrate complex technologies. Be it a large or a small organization, AIT ensures that the system integration services are lined with your business according to the requirements.

Our services are spread on a global scale. We know how challenging it is for an enterprise to integrate multiple IT systems for different departments. We use the right tools and methodologies to ensure that a company’s needs are streamlined through proper hardware and software integration.

Some systems we have integrated are:

  • Office
  • Oracle
  • SQL server
  • Google App engine
  • ASP.NET MVC apps

Product Development

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Enterprise mobility service at AIT is not just a software development project. It’s also about helping companies transform their business applications to handheld devices. This is carried out in the product development phase where AIT facilitates enterprise mobility service to its maximum potential. AIT’s products come with deployment services and a team of highly skilled professional engineers who help enterprises create custom application deployment.
Some of the important technologies we’ve worked on are:

Web Development Technology

  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

UI Development Technology

  • HTML 5
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • CSS 3
  • Bootstrap

Mobile Technology

  • Android
  • Windows

Quality Assurance

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AIT manages application testing that reduces cost and minimizes risk. The testing team is comprised of security experts and UX experts who check for the performance, scalability and design of the application from all perspectives. They make sure that the testing is a full-fledged verification, done in terms of planning, architecture, execution, automation and measurement.

We have extensive experience in industry leading performance testing tools:

  • Instruments
  • DDMS

Types of Testing

  • System testing
  • Regression testing
  • User Interface & usability testing
  • Compatibility & interoperability testing
  • Security testing
  • Functional Automation Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • White box testing (Code coverage & Unit testing)
  • Application Testing
    • Web application testing
    • Mobile application testing (Device Testing , Simulators and Emulators)
    • Product testing

Testing Frame Works

  • Data Driven Frame work
  • Hybrid Frame Work
  • Page Object Model

Testing Tools

  • Functional automation testing Tools:
    • Selenium(Web Driver)
    • QuickTest Professional (QTP)
    • Instruments
    • Fonemonkey
  • Performance Testing Tools:
    • Instruments
    • DDMS
  • Unit Testing Tools:
    • JUnit
    • NUnit
    • MbUnit
  • Bug Tracking Tools:
    • JIRA
    • HP Quality Center


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The process of determining ideal enterprise mobility should involve three basic components of a business: business process, customer interaction process and employees’ work. We create an accurate strategy that compiles all these basic factors and renders mobile enablement for the optimal benefit of the enterprise. This enhances employees’ productivity, empowers the customer base and minimizes company cost while delivering higher revenue.